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LATE TERM ABORTION located in the USA was established following careful thought and consideration to the numerous limitations and difficulties women encounter attempting to locate skilled physicians who can perform late second and third trimester pregnancy terminations (late term abortion) for maternal medical or fetal therapeutic indications that threaten the life or health of the mother, for fetal genetic defects, significant fetal abnormality, rape or incest.


What is a Late Term Abortion?  Although the term Late Term Abortion is not clearly defined, most physicians agree that late term abortions are terminations of pregnancies that occur after 20 to 24 weeks from the woman’s last menstrual period.  Some choose to not define late term abortions until after fetal viability occurs which can only be determined on a case by case basis due to multiple variables that include fetal genetic defects or abnormalities that are not compatible with life. 


As a highly trained Ob/Gyn Physician with a two year fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, I have been performing pregnancy terminations / late term abortion for 25 years and have helped thousands of women in late second trimester and late term pregnancies in need of an abortion. We are dedicated to providing safe, compassionate, therapeutic termination of pregnancy procedures. We offer professional and courteous services to women who are considering the decision to end their pregnancies for fetal or maternal reasons.


Our late term abortion referral clinic is able to provide the expertise from a Doctor with over 25 years of experience performing late term abortions, and one of the first in the United States to induce labor using RU486 and Cytotec for second trimester, third trimester and late term. is prohibited from performing this specialized procedure in our Florida offices because Florida laws prevent termination of pregnancy beyond 24 weeks.

We specialize, and limit our practice to helping patients in need of therapeutic (maternal and fetal) indications for abortions. Our private environment provides patients with the supportive professional care they deserve in a serene and quiet setting.

We perform our second trimester, third trimester and late term abortion procedures in 24 hours or less in 99% of patients with minimal to no complications.  The need for surgical instruments is less than 2%.  The procedure begins with preparation of the cervix with placement of Laminaria into the cervix to soften and dilate the cervix.  This allows for minimal risk and complications associated with the late term abortion procedure which includes but is not limited to cervical tears or lacerations, uterine perforation, bowel or bladder injury, retained blood clots, retained products of conception, uterine infection, possible Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, uterine scarring, chronic pelvic pain, infertility and maternal death. The most common causes of maternal death in the United States due to second trimester, third trimester and late term abortions are hemorrhage, infection and anesthetic complications. 

Advancements in abortion procedure techniques and medications now make abortion much safer than carrying a pregnancy to full term and delivery.  Following placement of the Laminaria, for pregnancies 21.5 weeks or further, medications are used to stop the fetal heart beat.  There are multiple ways that the medications are given to carry out this process in our private late term abortion facility in the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland area: 1) most commonly fetal intra-cardiac injection, 2) intrathoracic, 3) intra amniotic, and 4) intrafetal.  Stopping the heart beat does two important things: 1) it assures nearly 100% that there will be no evidence of a live birth when the delivery takes place and 2) the softening of the fetal tissue allows for less complications should surgical removal become necessary.  The following day, the late term abortion method consist of an induction of labor process using uterotonic (medications that cause uterine contraction) medications.  Anxiolytic and pain medications are given at this phase and the entire process from start to finish is completed in 24 hours or less.

This procedure is legal, safe, practical and sound. The location where the procedure is performed is not publicly disclosed to prevent harassment, harm, and even possible physical injury to patients, staff, and the late term abortion providers who dedicate themselves to performing this much needed service. 

Therapeutic late term abortion procedures end pregnancies that were originally wanted, but could not be continued due to problems with the fetus or to protect the health of the woman. Women in need of a therapeutic late term abortion for maternal or fetal indications have few choices of where to have they can terminate their pregnancy. The majority of hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and physician offices across the country do not perform the intracardiac injection procedure, second trimester, third trimester or late term abortions at all due to a lack of training, moral values or fear for choosing not to perform this procedure.

We are able to offer the patients their privacy, anonymity and the support they need. Alternatively, a woman may choose to have her procedure performed at one of the very few abortion clinics that offer therapeutic termination of pregnancy as an ancillary service, in addition to their regular abortion services. We offer our patients a new choice. We are America's only physician group that limits its private medical practice solely to providing compassionate, safe therapeutic abortions.

The costs and fees associated with late term abortions are priced from $1,500 to $35,000 depending on multiple factors that include but not limited to maternal history and complications, fetal age, the type of fetal abnormality, medications and medical staff required and the consultants that are necessary to carry out the abortion procedure in the most highly effective, efficient, comfortable and safe manner for the patient. 

The decision to end any pregnancy is difficult; the decision to end a wanted pregnancy because of serious fetal or maternal problems can be even more heart-wrenching. Our late term abortion clinic is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate care to the women, their partners and families who are confronted with this difficult decision.