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The services of are usually sought through referrals from a patient's physician, the internet, the patient herself or from another abortion facility.  The reasons for late term abortions are numerous.  The desire to end a pregnancy past 24 to 28 weeks is most often due to significant fetal abnormalities or because of a threat to the life or health of the mother.  The decision to end a pregnancy can involve one or more of financial, moral, ethical, religious, family, or maternal age reasons.

Why Late Term Abortion?

Contrary to popular belief, the choice to end the life of a fetus even when severely abnormal and when there may be chance of survival is complex and extremely difficult.  The pregnancy may be highly desired by the patient and the significant others in her life, but cannot be continued because of possible fetal genetic abnormalities, malformations or anomalies. The pregnancy may have been wanted but a sudden catastrophe could have occurred such as the loss of a partner, the relationship may no longer be wanted. There may have been a sudden, unexpected financial instability. There may have been a birth control failure, rape, or incest and the woman may not have realized that she was pregnant.  Or it may be that the mother desired no more children, yet her partner did not use birth control nor allow her to use birth control and she finds herself pregnant with an unwanted child.  Everything may have been going well with a pregnancy and suddenly after 20 weeks, there is abnormal growth, hydrocephaly, a heart abnormality or other significant fetal problem seen on sonogram that was not visible before which now leads to the decision to terminate the pregnancy.  There are numerous other situations that occur on a daily basis that may cause a woman to decide with her physician to terminate a pregnancy in late term legally. 

There are only a few States and the District of Columbia that allow late term abortions to be obtained for therapeutic indications.  Maryland and Washington D.C. happen to be two where they can be performed.  What considers "counseling" is a generic term.  It begins with the first e-mail contact and phone discussion and continues before, during and after the procedure process is complete. In essence, we are here to support the patient and her family throughout the entire process.  This is the most important thing that we do at because we want all of our patients to understand what is required of them before they come to our facility, during their stay, and the exact steps that will occur after leaving our office.  This is a time where patient's may only hear 10% of what is stated the first time the steps are discussed regarding the fate of their pregnancy which may involve a lot of sadness, guilt, anxiety, grief, or anger. They are now confronted with having to make the most difficult decision in their life. 

It is within our years of experience that we first decide via discussions through e-mail, on the phone, and once meeting with the patient in person whether she truly wants to take the first step in ending the life of her pregnancy and if it is the best thing for her after weighing all of the information regarding her medical health (physical and mental) and if present, the fetal genetic or physical abnormalities that are incompatible with life. Despite these problems, it may be concluded after meeting with the patient, that problems with the pregnancy notwithstanding, she does not want to end the pregnancy at this particular point in time due to numerous reasons.  Whatever her reasons to end or not end the pregnancy, they must be respected. We want to determine first and foremost, that this is really her decision and that she is not being pressured in any way to end the pregnancy.  If we find that she is being coerced, we will kindly ask that she go home and continue to think about her decision. 

The patient must be completely informed of the procedure she is having performed along with the complications and the risks that may occur. There will also be discussion of proper follow-up with her physician.

There are many patients’ Physicians who do not have the experience to perform the late second trimester, third trimester and late term abortions.  Intra-fetal injections to stop the fetal heart beat (intra-cardiac, buttocks, intra-cranial) injections along with preparing the cervix for the procedure are the first two and most significant steps required to terminate pregnancies 21 weeks or further.  This is followed the next day by induction of labor with medications that lead to a normal spontaneous vaginal delivery within a few hours.  We encourage each patient to follow up with their private physician, but there are some patients who live in very small communities, or do not want their personal physician to know they had a termination performed, or the physician or hospital has a moral, ethical, social, or religious dilemma about removing a pregnancy under these circumstances.

During day one of the preparatory phase of the procedure itself, the patient's family members, friends, nor partners may be present. They are welcome to be with her the following day during the induction process and the recovery area after the procedure is performed.  Due to security and safety issues, only one person can accompany the patient during the procedure process.

There are minimal to no physical side effects or complications regarding late term abortions whether elective or therapeutic.  Late term abortion availability is scarce.  We are here to help women in one of the most difficult times of their lives.  Please contact us today for immediate availability.


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