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LATE TERM ABORTION FACILITIES is strongly committed to this specialized reproductive health care service. The abortion clinic facility is located in the Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland area. It is located near 3 major airports (Dulles, Washington Reagan, Baltimore-Washington), and the D.C. Amtrak train station (Union Station), not far from the I-95 corridor. Due to the sensitive nature of our program, we do not consider it in the best interest of our patients, medical staff or physicians to publicly give out the time the procedures are performed or the location of our facility. There is nothing illegal, inappropriate, unethical, sacrilegious or immoral about the service we are offering to patients. This service is very important as women will always be in need of legal, safe second trimester, late term, and third trimester abortion procedures in order to preserve their health or to save their lives.

You will find our Late Term Abortion Facility to be comfortable for you and your family. The staff members are very compassionate and caring and will do their best to assure your time at the facility is relaxing, reassuring, tranquil, and as peaceful as possible. We will take every step to make this most difficult time in your life as uncomplicated as possible by providing superior service, excellent medical care and support.

The purpose of Late Term Abortion is for patients to be able to take the first step in obtaining the safest care to end a pregnancy that is a threat to the mother's life or health due to medical indications or from fetal deformities and or genetic abnormalities that are incompatible with life.

Our mission is to provide a service that the majority of physicians in the United States and throughout the world refuse to do because of the political climate, personal beliefs, or they fear repercussions for performing a procedure that we believe in our hearts is the right thing to do; and that is to save a woman's life and or health.


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